EXCOR® Adult

Providing your Patients with Valuable Lifetime

EXCOR® Adult is a mechanical circulatory support system that provides short to long-term assistance of the failing left and/or right ventricle. EXCOR® has performed well in several thousand cases with proven benefits and safety. It is indicated for adults with severe heart failure. These patients profit directly from the hemodynamics as a result of the improved circulation provided by the device. The end-organ function is often improved significantly and even normalized in patients with profound cardiogenic shock. With the Excor mobile driving system the patients are able to master their everyday tasks, pursue their hobbies and move freely, in- and outdoors. Treatment with the EXCOR® Adult restores the highest possible quality of life after severe impairment. Patients usually tolerate the system very well and gain valuable time while waiting for an organ transplant or at best for recovery of their own heart.

EXCOR® Adult


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