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The contrast medium administration system Acist CVi is an intelligent device which simplifies contrast administration during all interventions and diagnostic procedures, from injections of small doses in the coronary arteries to the introduction of large volumes in the ventricles of the heart and peripheral vessels.

A contrast injector with CVi variable flow technology is a versatile, fully automatic system for contrast injection for all operations and angiographic studies: ventriculography, angiography of peripheral vessels, coronary angiography fistulography and others as well as for angioplasty of coronary and peripheral arteries.

The essence of variable flow technology is that you can change the intensity of contrast flow within a wide range of values using touch console which is held by the operator in his hand in order to control mechanical piston operation.
A contrast injector with CVi variable flow technology works together with a non-disposable flask which is installed once at the beginning of the working day. Automatic contrast flask filling allows you to use one large bottle with a contrast for many consecutive procedures, thus reducing contrast waste. An automatic contrast and saline supply selector valve opens by default the saline line, and can only open the high pressure line for contrast only if the operator has pressed the console.

For each patient a sterile disposable set which is consisted of high-pressure contrast supply line and related connection accessories is used.

Easy-to-handle and user-friendly menu

  • Maximum FLOW – Displays maximum flow rate (ml/s) which can be obtained when the hand controller button is completely pushed down
  • Maximum VOLUME – Displays total contrast limit which can be introduced during the procedure.
  • Maximum PRESSURE – Displays maximum system pressure (PSI) during an injection.
  • RISE TIME – Displays the time to achieve maximum contrast flow rate obtained when the controller button is completely pushed down


  • Improve image quality and procedural efficiency
  • Minimize patient contrast dose and radiation exposure to staff
  • Allow you to focus on what matters most: the patient, the procedure and the image


Facilitates real-time, responsive variable rate contrast delivery.
Allows for the use of smaller catheters, without loss of image quality, which decreases the need for closure devices.34


  • Increases or decreases contrast delivery flow rate by varying thumb pressure.


  • Facilitates set-up of contrast delivery flow rate, volume and pressure, and tracks quantity of contrast delivered and used per injection and case.

Acist CVi