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CochlearNucleus 6 system is the latest development in Coclear’s long track record of innovation. At the moment, this fully automated system is the most intelligent system available, which further simplifies its use.

CochlearNucleus 6 system is the perfect solution today, designed for a particular purpose — to help you enjoy smart sound.

Speech processors are powered by a new chip enabling automatic adaptive signal processing and wireless communication with peripherals. Our new chip is 5 times more powerful than the chip in Nucleus 5, the leader of this industry, and enables automated acoustic technology, wireless connection and more.

We present new speech processors Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 SoundProcessor CP920, Cochlear™ Nucleus® 6 SoundProcessor CP910. The smaller CP 920, unlike CP 910, does not offer audio input for external audio sources wired connection.

New Features:
• SmartSoundiQ sound management system improves speech perception and recognition quality• Automation – acoustic scene analysis and selection of the best speech processor configuration• Wirelessly connecting the speech processor with a variety of audio devices using a set of accessories: Cochlear™ WirelessMiniMicrophone, Cochlear™ Wireless TV Streamer, Cochlear™ WirelessPhoneClip• Integrated hearing aid. Each processor enables acoustic stimulation to make full use of residual hearing• Data logging• Small size• Splash and sweat resistanceRemote ControlWith RemoteAssistant CR230 wireless hand-held remote control unit you’ll always be on top of the situation, whether you need to check the battery or solve simple issues without the clinic’s assistance. Remote assistant/sound processor two-way communication enables you to monitor the processor’s work – the programmes and scene settings active at the moment are instantly shown on the full-colour LCD display.RemoteAssistant CR210 has limited functionality: fewer options for setup and receiving speech processing data.

Nucleus 6